Dispute Resolution Policy

Communication: We encourage guests and hosts to communicate openly and honestly to resolve any issues. If a problem arises during a stay, the first step should always be for the guest and host to discuss the issue and attempt to find a solution. Medistay provides a secure messaging platform for this purpose.


Mediation: If a resolution cannot be reached through direct communication, guests or hosts can request mediation from Medistay. Our dedicated customer service team will act as a neutral third party to help facilitate a resolution. We will review all relevant information, including communication between the parties and any evidence provided, to make a fair and impartial decision.


Escalation: If mediation is unsuccessful, the dispute may be escalated to our internal dispute resolution team. This team is composed of senior staff members who have extensive experience in dispute resolution. They will conduct a thorough review of the dispute and may request additional information from the parties involved.


Final Decision: If the dispute reaches this stage, the decision made by the dispute resolution team is final. This decision will be based on the evidence provided and our terms and conditions. Both parties are required to comply with the decision.


Legal Remedies: If a party is not satisfied with the final decision, they may seek legal remedies. However, we encourage all users to utilize our dispute resolution process before resorting to legal action.


Please note that this policy should be adjusted based on your specific business model and legal requirements. It’s always a good idea to consult with a legal professional when creating these documents.

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