Double room available to rent

Double room for rent

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We have a VERY nice home in Nuneaton in a friendly area.

We welcome people regardless of Gender.

The wife is in the NHS and from Czech Republic. The husband is English, born in Birmingham, many years living in Warwickshire, also abroad. and does mainly self-employed work at home. We both have a sense of humour and enjoy travelling, history, sport cooking and gardening to name a few.


We need a reference, maybe a supervisor but it must be someone independent who can vouch for character and cleanliness. This is a two-way thing. We will provide you with a reference from a Human Resource Senior manager or some person like that if you wish. This mutual respect and treating each other equally is what will make the arrangement enjoyable, rewarding and successful for all of us. What we would like, is for us all (tenants and landowners) to cultivate is an open and honest approach, with mutual respect so we can have a nice friendly relationship which makes a happy home for yourself and keeps it that way for ourselves!


It is a lovely three bedroom home, reasonably large, nice garden, outside patio, nice bathroom upstairs and downstairs, utility area etc. large and long reasonable kitchen / dining area. Also, a mini conservatory.


**** The Tenants bedroom ****

The double room is large and there will be a four-poster bed. The room has a laminate floor. There is a bedside cabinet as well as a chest of drawers. There is a personal sky box link so you can choose your own channels. Not a TV yet, however we will endeavour to sort that. There is also shared use of a long wall length wardrobe. This has both shelves and rails. We will need to use part of it purely for clothes storage so the access will be seldom or not at all. However, WE WILL NOT ENTER YOUR ROOM unless you are there. We don’t expect you to enter ours so why should we treat yours any differently? The photo is not the room as it is. We will put in bed as soon as agreement is signed. The tenant may wish to bring a small fridge. Microwave and Kettle if they want privacy convenience, but not essential as most utensils and appliances can be used by the Tenant. We may ask to see inside occasionally. We do not want dirty plates, empty cans of beer or cans of food on floor, dirty clothes etc. lying everywhere. There is ample room so this should not happen. A tidy person in the bedroom will be a tidy person in the rest of the house! With your permission and only when you are in the house, we don’t mind vacuuming your bedroom floor but things on the floor get in the way / sucked up!. We are not obsessive, it is a family home after all but we do like clean and tidy people!


Main Bathroom (upstairs)

This has a bath, shower and Toilet; the downstairs bathroom means it is always available



This can be shared although as the principal owners please understand there maybe times with family or friends we may wish some privacy


Kitchen, Diner, mini conservatory

This can be shared although as the principal owners please understand there maybe times with family or friends we may wish some privacy. The Fridge can be used if any room (!), but due to our own use, we would recommend the client buy a small under the counter fridge. The kitchen has a TV in as well as the living room. So if privacy is required but you want to be out of your bedroom you can do the ironing, cook, eat there, watch TV in there or join us in watching TV if you wish. You are welcome to eat with us if the times coincide, we are happy to cook for you on occasions and there is a dishwasher

Rooms attached to the house


There is leading from the kitchen a bathroom with toilet and shower. There is also a utility room with Washing machine, Dryer and Freezer. The utility washing machine and separate dryer area, is available for your use. There may be some very occasional times when access is limited, so we can work around that. You could have a linen bag (which maintains your privacy) and we are more than happy to put that bag in / take it out when you are working and put it in the dryer too. Equally dresses, trousers etc, we are happy to do that as well. The dryer self-presses many items so they do not need ironing. But of course, you can do this yourself. We may need to empty the machine or dryer if we need to use it and you are at work with clothes still in there, You have use of the iron and board as well. So the downstairs bathroom or utility room is not off limits, just need flexibility. The downstairs bathroom means If you are working nights you will not be disturbed as we will be able to use it downstairs and we can avoid being upstairs and if working can be in the attached former garage. It means the upstairs bathroom (with bath as well as shower) will always be available and we will not be competing for space! We seldom have time for baths so the shower downstairs will suffice for us. If getting up times overlap we can use the downstairs bathroom instead so a very flexible arrangement


Leading from the utility room is our working space /leisure room and office. These two rooms are off limit but as long as we are not using these (which is not often), access to the utility and downstair bathroom is always possible

The driveway has pot plants either side (the shed in the photo is going!) with room for three cars


We have a ring alarm system CCTV and also alarm. This is as much a deterrent as anything else. It is a nice area and very friendly.


We are 100 metres from a bus stop into town and there are other bus stops and routes nearby, this is within walking distance of George Eliot Nuneaton Hospital (about 30 minutes) and around the same to town. Coventry Hospital is 20-30 minutes away by car


We have a local Nisa and small Tesco 10 minutes walks, small Sainsburys 15 minutes. Take-aways 10 minutes. By car within ten minutes’ drive, we have LIDL, Aldi and a large Sainsbury’s and Sainsbury’s


A lovely pub with reasonable price food just 1000 metres away; other pubs withing reasonable distance


There are a few churches of varying denomination with fifteen minutes’ walk.


A nice local park nearby


Our previous experience of a lodger in our former home; let us say apart from some of the afore mentioned disrespectful (to our home and us) habits, their idea of hygiene fell way short of ours. Basically you won’t be smelling our body odours and we don’t expect to smell yours; granted after a run or long day at work or basking in the sunshine we understand that and hope you will us too, it is just that not washing the same day shortly afterwards………………!!!!


We will not be dealing with cannabis, smoking it or any other substances. We will not accept someone who is in to cannabis or smells of it. We had a very bad experience when we stayed somewhere. If you like cannabis we respect your right to incorporate that into your lifestyle; but that is not our lifestyle and we do not want to be associated in a shared living quarters with someone who has that lifestyle.


Our lifestyle does include socially drinking. We will not be staggering around and smashing anything up, but we will chill out as and when with a beer or two or wine. We will be having barbecues throughout the year, enjoying our patio heaters


We don’t expect you to share in house cleaning duties. But if you did some, we would not object. The main thing we ask is just to keep the areas used clean. as we will do

When it comes to cooking and if you enjoy it you can cook for us when it suits or share with the cooking, do baking etc. If cooking is a hobby or if you want to learn new foods to cook then there will be ample opportunity. If you prefer though, of course you can cook just for yourself in your own time


When it comes to shopping you can have a lift with us to larger shops such as Asda, Aldi, Lidl all near or we can get you small provisions when doing ours if you are busy

Basically you can stay with us and enjoy more of a family experience or if you prefer to keep yourself to yourself we respect that. We just want you to feel at home


In many ways this might well suit a younger person moving home for the first time who wants some independence but still live in a family way,


It may also suit someone who is in the medical profession due to the wife being in the same; she wants to qualify as a nurse


It might suit a professional person who just wants a bed to sleep in or someone who prefers Monday to Friday


We enjoy sitting in our mini conservatory or patio area, listening to music, and sharing a beer or two and or some wine. Again, you are welcome to join us from time to time, but not obligatory. What we would like us all (tenants and landowners) to cultivate is an open and honest approach, with mutual respect so we can have a good relationship which makes a happy home for yourself and keeps it that way for ourselves!


We are still completing the development of our adjacent former garage so we, (predominantly Steve) for workspace as we have been using the double bedroom which is for let. Hence there is only one photo of the room. But anyway, you need to see the home so you can see it then. It will be a four poster bed with a brand new mattress. Not a cheap one it was £700!


WE PREFER YOU CALL OR TEXT rather than send email or send enquiry through this site. Unfortunately, the site will not allow us to put our number in the advert, but look at our name! You can contact Steve who is home every day. Jane is out at work so after talking to Steve, a time can be arranged that is mutually suitable to talk with Jane. If you are leaving home / still have parents with a significant concern that you are moving to a safe, warm and loving home then they are welcome to talk and or come around.



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